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How can I migrate from the SF 2.0 Server to the new 3.0 version?

Just copy the new web site files at your site root and then run the DB_SCRIPT_30.sql located at the /App_Data/DB_SCRIPTS folder to update the database with the new 3.0 tables.

Alternatively, you can deploy the ScrumFactory.Services.Web.zip application file using the IIs Console over your old SF application making sure that only the DB_SCRIPT_30.sql checkbox is checked (see figure below).

It will update the files and dlls and will only add the 3.0 tables to your database.

How can I migrate to the new 4.0 version?

Same steps as mention above, but also run the DB_SCRIPT_40.sql located at the /App_Data/DB_SCRIPTS folder to update the database with the new 4.0 tables.

Is there any Server Log?

Every server error is logged at the file /App_Data/log.txt.
If you can not find this file, make sure the IIs user account has write permissions at the App_Data folder.

Is there any Client Log?

Every client error is logged at the User Isolated Storage.
It changes from user to user, but should be something like this:
C:\Users\YOUR USER\AppData\Local\IsolatedStorage\duizbnx4.tot\glj5cljc.avr\StrongName.vknox0q2ebtofpkl\Url.2g1b0pqvu4sg\Files.